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Pilot Episode

Wino just won "Best Pilot" at the

Mindfield Film Festival

comedy actor Margaux Mireault

Wino - Mindfield - Best Pilot (2).png


Pilot Episode

 Kat was invisible in her own life, after a betrayal she finds herself in a SoCal wine bar where strong, funny women help her find her way.

Think- "The Bold Type" meets "Shrill"

comedy actor Margaux Mireault

A Cup and a Half

Post Production- Short Film 

Two roommates decide to hold a "neighborhood watch" party as a way to make friends in a new city. Things take a turn after a mishap at the local Italian bakery...

Toast The Ghost

Short film has been accepted into multiple film festivals:
Paris Short Film Awards, South African Horrorfest, Focus International Film Festival, Cleveland Horror Fest, Cooper Awards, Fortean Film Festival, Silicon Beach Film Fest

Silicon Beach Film Festival

Foley Marra Studios had 2 films accepted into the Silicon Beach Film Festival

Marina Del Rey Film Festival

Foley Marra Studios had 4 films accepted into the Marina Del Rey Film Festival


The Mouse, The Bird, and The Sausage

Voiceover-  Radio Plays Reimagined

By: The Brothers Grimm

A Christmas Carol

Radio Plays Reimagined

By: Charles Dickens

Screenshot 2023-02-17 at 3.40.42 PM.png

Quiet Please

1940's Radio Plays Reimagined

-Episode 2: "Bring Me To Life"

Quiet Please Logo v2.png
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