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Welcome to the Channel! Let's DO THIS!

Time to watch SCANDAL! Tool kit includes snacks, wine, blanket, and a friend to freak out with while watching.

Halloween Episode!

6 things NOT to do at a séance....

Am I An Adult? Growing up in the 21st century is confusing....


New Obsession- Serial Podcast


This dog is the cutest dog you will ever see! Listen to his thoughts narrated by Margaux!


HAPPY 2015! Let's reflect together!

Singles Guide to Valentine's Day (requires wine)

Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt Parody- aka      insane person if you haven't seen the show....

So you haven't left your bed in a while... Netflix binging is taking over!

Margaux was made to be on a blooper reel.

So enjoy the ride!

You win some, you lose some- secret confessions.

How to keep cool in the summer heat. HEAT WAVE ALERT. Time to make friends with air conditioning.

What you wish you could say to that actor you keep running into all around town....

More like Drinkin' In The Rain, am I right? The one day I shoot outside in LA it RAINS....

Singing some Adele to my wine bottle. This is how you get dates right?

5 ways to avoid rejection. Start by buying as many wine themed shirts as possible.

Beyonce releases "Lemonade" so we release "Lemons." You're welcome America.

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